Why eat plant based?

First and foremost you want to make sure you annoy as many people at parties as you can and absolutely be as pretentious as possible....

Or that's what the stereotypes would lead you to believe, but in reality the world is catching on that this whole eating less meat thing is probably a pretty good idea. Many Americans will die or become ill for one of the following four reasons: Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. Studies show that meat consumption is linked to increased risks in heart disease and cancer.  A vegan diet lowers your risk factors for all four and leads to an improved quality of life. 

In addition, animal based agriculture is responsible for creating more greenhouse gasses than planes, trains, and automobiles combine.  It costs a lot of resources to feed, water, and house animals. in fact, to raise one cow, it costs well over 55,000 square feet of water throughout it's life time when compared to 47 square feet to raise lentils.  The math just doesn't add up to a sustainable planet when we have more and more countries becoming industrialized. 

Not ready to go vegan?  Then don't (yet)!  Incorporate a meat free day or two each week and see how it goes.  Every bit counts and helps you feed your body and reduce our footprint in the world. Happy eating!