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Just Eggs... Just as good?

How do I look?

Just Eggs. A professional attempt to make vegan eggs that I haven't tried yet.

These are made by Hampton Inc, makers of such delights as Just Mayo and a line of dressings and dips and creamy vegan add ons that I have yet to be disappointed with. I read about these months ago but had yet to run across them.

Fast forward to last Sunday at my local Annapolis Whole Foods and I saw the egg refrigerator door open. "How rude!" I thought as I shut the door, glancing up. And what did mine eyes see? They did gaze upon: JUST EGGS. So I snagged some up. I also then realized that I had shut the door on a worker who was restocking the shelf, whoops.

Look at this sexy MFer

So I took them home and thought, "breakfast tomorrow yessssss"

This is what I made:

Just Eggs with peppers and onions, sprouted toast, avocado

This was SO GOOD. The eggs, however, look like shit and don't really let you know if they look, taste, or resemble eggs in anyway. I was blown away with the taste but is it really a 'taste test' if it's not just the simple product as it was intended? I needed to make some plain scrambled eggs.

Which, as a pet peeve, is the only bottle specified use. It basically says, 'put in a pan and scramble.' Ok, so most of us can think outside the box and do other things (french toast, quiche, crepes) but I also felt it was important to try them without distractions. Day two I tried again. Nothing but a little oil, Just Egg, salt and pepper, finished with some green onion.

Wildly exciting look when they're first poured in the pan

They look like the most flawless scrabble job anyone has ever done because they are perfectly blended. I guess I would put it more akin to egg beaters that you pour from a carton. Consistency was almost identical. Which, in my mind, means that its uses should be almost identical.

Coming together

The first time I cooked these with the peppers and onions I noticed that it cooked really quickly. So when I did them alone I made sure to do medium low heat. As you can see it came together pretty much as you would expect scrambled eggs to do, just at want seemed an even quicker pace. That pic was taken after like 15 seconds of stirring. Follow Your Heart eggs, which would have been my previous pick for vegan scrambled eggs, not only requires blending before hand, but takes quite a while to work through the moisture in the eggs.

One thing that Just Eggs had that I hadn't seen since real eggs is that brown crust that can develop if they're left on the pan for too long. And I don't mean just because some of it burned. I mean that very hard eggy crust that happens on pans around the sides that you can kinda fold into the eggs to pretend it didn't happen.

Breakfast of champions

So this was the final product and it was straight up good. The egg consistency was shockingly on point. Perhaps the slightest touch rubbery on the outside, but once you bit into it it was light and fluffy like scrambled eggs. And to be fair, actual eggs can kinda get rubbery and weird anyway.


- Nothing to mix in a blender like follow your heart eggs

- No funky smell or clean up

- Easy AF to use

- Really killed the omelet game


- Expensive! I used like 1/4-1/3 of the bottle for my eggs and each container is $7.99

- Can't do sunny side up eggs for dippin'

- Making a quiche would cost a fortune

Rating: A-

Overall, if you have a craving for eggs, a little extra money in the budget, and happen to live in an area with a Whole Foods or other market in your area that carries these, they will not disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like them and enjoyed their taste, how fast they cooked, and the lack of clean up. Way to go Just Eggs!

Happy Eating!

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