• Becky Berberich

Food for Thoughts

First and foremost, in an effort to be transparent, wix decided to completely change their blog format. In a bit of irony, I am writing for the first time in a while with a bit of anxiety and suddenly the comfortable platform I am used to using has been replaced, thus giving my mind an additional hurdle.

That's life.

Recently I have been bombarded with mental hurdles. I've gained 15-20 lbs in the past two years. I got into a relationship and out of a relationship. I grew, I became stagnant. I've been motivated and I've been completely lethargic. The old routines that spurred my growth and development of this blog, and one of the happiest periods of my life, are no longer working for me. I love vegan cooking, and wanting to share that has not changed. What has changed is my desire to not negate the immensely important role in developing the mind along with the body. Instead of weaving in stories or one off ideas among recipes, I want to purposefully pair food for the body with food for the mind.

Am I a professional counselor? No. Am I a psychologist? Nope.

But I am semi-professional 'a-ha!' moment generator. I read and I discuss, and I actively work to change my own thoughts and to talk to others about theirs. I've been a teacher for over ten years and never is one day the same from the next because of humans. Constantly my expectations of students are challenged and changed and I am better for it. Growing up my mother was a guidance counselor and regularly talked to us about 'I messages' and word choice, and teased out our thinking as we explored the world around and the headspace inside us. In my adult life I have been lucky enough to have friends who love deep discussions and display a level of vulnerability at times that have helped me see that we are all working on (or should be working on) self-improvement.

What I propose is that the journey is better together. Hopefully, as I develop this idea of pairing thoughts on food with thoughts on thoughts you will hear something that resonates with you. Or you will be moved to reflect back your thoughts on a topic to others that will move them. Everyone is a piece of the impossibly beautiful prism of life. And even though I feel cheesy AF to type that, I do think it's true. Everyone has something to teach everyone and I look forward to learning together.

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