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Beyond Meatloaf, Too Good to be True?

Well I am on a roll this week in trying new products. The same day I found my Just Eggs (amazing!) I found a square of ground beef from Beyond Meat. WTF?? Just a pound of beef I can do whatever with? Yurp.

Simply beautiful

Well... I want to make something that highlights the flavor and doesn't drown it as an after thought. I pondered. Meatballs? Maybe. Burgers? The same company literally makes those. Meatloaf? Fuck yea. So I made meatloaf.

Admittedly I only bought one pound because I'm a single lady who lives alone. I'm not over here trying to make a full Sunday dinner for the extended fam. This resulted in me making mini-loafs instead of one big loaf but really it made no difference because I already ate two of the three I made.

You were so delicious

I looked up a few recipes and they weren't much different than many lentil loafs I've tried except this time I didn't have to use lentils! Just traditional recipes that I had to sub in beyond meat for... and Just Eggs for the eggs but I was prepared!

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. First I put all my jam in a bowl

- 1 pound beyond beef

- 1/2 small onion diced fine

- 3 Tbs tomato paste

- 10 bacon flavored ritz crackers crushed

- 2 Tbs Just Egg

- 1 Tbs minced garlic

- 2 tsp salt, oregano, basil

- 1 tsp pepper, thyme, sage

- red pepper to taste

My jam is a saying from Person and Steve. It's a radio show and I'm done explaining.

Step 2: Mix it up and put it in cute pans

baby pans for baby meatloaf

Then top with BBQ sauce of your choice (does this need another step really?). I used Hunt's hickory black pepper. Just enough to cover, a little over a Tbs each.

Step 3: Bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Step 4: Try not to eat them all at once. Not that you can't, but leftovers!

I don't even care that you're in terrible lighting on my stove that never wants to get clean. You're beautiful!

Needless to say, I'm obsessed. If you do not like Beyond Burgers these might not be up your ally. Mainly because it's virtually the same product. But if you, like me, l-o-v-e beyond burgers or just enjoy something more beef like and less fake tasting than crumbles a bag, I fully endorse buying the pound of "beef" and trying it in whatever recipe you want.

Rating: A


Easy to use as a replacement to ground beef

Tasty AF

Cheaper per pound than the burger version from Beyond Meat


Still $10 a pound

I will always love me some lentil loaf but these are much more decadent and really satisfy a need for a hearty meal. I can't wait to buy my next pound and make something new!

Happy eating!

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