• Becky Berberich

No More Missing Lox!

If you're like me, your down for a good vegan substitution. You have your favorite fake breakfast sausages, and cheeses that actually taste good and not like chemical rubber. You've also probably tried to make fake meats and had some successes.

Lox is a texture that honestly I don't know if I can create at home. I've tried carrot lox and tomato lox and honestly? It just tastes like brined carrots or tomatoes. Sorry not sorry.

Last week I was at Trader Joe's (SHOCKING), and without thinking I grabbed this off the shelf: Miyokos cream cheese? Hell yea I'll try that. All their other stuff is good and Trader Joe's pricing is the best. Not to mention that regular TJ's brand cream cheese does not do it for me. File it in the 'too oily or fake tasting, or something that doesn't settle right.'

Fast forward to the next day when I went to schemer some toast, opened the container, and went "wtf is this about?". It was kinda pink with tons of flecks and I was so confused because in my mind... I had grabbed plain cream cheese.

Upon getting over the shock that this was not plain cream cheese and realizing again how being as unobservant as I can be sometimes leads up fun alleys, I re-read the packaging and thought, "OH damn! I loved lox! Please be good. Please be good. Please be good."

I can state, without reservation, that I was astonished at how good this stuff is. The texture is dense like regular cream cheese (as opposed to whipped cream cheese or like a kite hill) but has that every so slightly mealiness that goes with almond 'dairy' products sometimes. To me it was totally no big deal.

The number one selling point for me is that it REALLY tastes a lot like lox.

It makes the sides of my mouth water with a little briney touch and really captures the taste I was missing. Admittedly you don't get the nice soft pink fish part, but I'm happy to let the fishes keep swimming.

I would recommend this for sandwich or wrap spreads, on a bagel as is, or even in some cream sauce for a pasta (which I tried and enjoyed quite much). I can't say enough about the flavor. If you've tried to make carrot or tomato lox, or are simply thinking, "oh hell no, that's too much work," give this stuff a whirl. It'l like all the flavor with non of the hassle. Enjoy!

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