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Review: Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi

You know when you are convinced you know everything about a place/person and then you discover that they have in fact been able to conceal something from you? Betrayal. That is how I feel knowing that this has existed for POSSIBLY YEARS (though I can't believe I would never have noticed it) and I've never tried it.

If you've read this blog, or ever met me, you will know that I'm kind of in love with Trader Joe's. Like, we read each other poems, and braid each other's hair, and don't keep vegan gnocchi a secret from each other!

You can tell I'm still working though some things.

I heard about this stuff yesterday and literally woke up with an alarm that said 'TJs Cauliflower Gnocchi' today. And ta-da! here it is:

I bought three bags so get ready for possibly 2 more gnocchi ideas after this.

I decided to make some sausage and creamy sauce for a big lunch since this is only 330 CALORIES FOR THE WHOLE BAG. Seriously. Like a cup of regular potato gnocchi has that. Ugh, I'm so in love and I don't care who knows it.

First, all the things I loved:

1. It didn't fall apart like I was afraid. Sometimes when denser things are turned lighter disaster can strike. These went straight from freezer to pan and stayed together just fine.

2. It browned nicely and while the outside became a little crips the inside was a wonderful fluffy interpretation of a gnocchi. It's not as dense as regular gnocchi, but I think that worked great in the heaviness of this dish. The cream sauce and spicy sausage worked well in that context.

3. It's so light in calories. This is like one and a half to two times as much gnocchi as I would normally eat in a serving and it only had 330 calories. For. The. Whole. Bag. This can make a normally very calorie food a much lighter option. Even after eating the whole bag with sausage and cream sauce I didn't feel heavy. Stuffed? Sure. But not like dying, someone please syphon some of this food from my stomach feeling.

Things I did not like:

1. Not knowing it existed until now. I expect a call next time you launch any new vegan product TJ's *side eye*

2. This is stupid, but I do miss the little ridges that come on normal gnocchi. These were like pillows instead of little potato pastas, but it's something I can forgive.

3. Because they are lighter they might not fully leave you with the same satisfied bite you are used to, but for me it was negligible.

Would I recommend? Hells yes! I am so happy to have these in my life now and I will probably exclusively purchase them any time I need gnocchi. You simply can't beat how easy they are to prepare, close to the original, and much lighter in calories they are than the original.

Happy Eats!

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