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Tofu Ricotta... is so easy!

Tofu. I don't looooove it, but I ain't got nothing against it. Honestly I forget about it until I have something with tofu and say, "damn... this is good." At my TJ stomping ground the other day I saw their split package of sprouted tofu and I got the urge for a tofu scramble (cue birds singing and gophers waving me hello because those breakfasts only happen fresh made in summer).

Well I made my tofu scramble this morning and then this afternoon thought about a delish meal I had at Charlie Was A Sinner in Philly a few months back for my birthday of some tofu ricotta with toast. It was so good! I didn't really have a reason to make ricotta but why not look up some recipes? Great question. Easy answer. Look it up and make it. Then eat it all and be really sad you didn't do this earlier.

I often think of ricotta as something that I should only make if I have something very Italian to make: stuffed shells, lasagna, stuff like that. But really this could be an amazing dip. I plan to make more tomorrow when I got see my mama, but I'll give you what I got now for the pics and recipe.

I made this with very little oil and tomorrow I plan to try it with no oil. I'll let you know how it goes. I will predict that I think it will be dry if not used straight away. This version with a little oil was already a touch dry when I took it out of the fridge to eat for dinner.

It's SO GOOD. Seriously. Make it and then decide if you have any need for it. Because you'll find some need.


1 block firm or extra firm tofu (15.5 oz)

1 lemon squeezed for juice

2 tsp dried parsley or basil (I did parsley but either or a mix would work)

2 tsp chopped garlic

2 tsp olive oil (I'll let you know how it is without tomorrow)


Step 1: Cut tofu in half long ways and put between paper towel padding (a few folded paper towels) top and bottom and put a heavy book or a full tea kettle on to press out water. Leave for 30 min or so.

Step 2: Put everything in a food processor and blend until almost smooth.

NOTE. I was initially dismayed by the fact that my tofu was making a 'rice' type deal. Keep going. Just let it ride. You'll eventually breath a sigh of relief and realize that you got what you were looking for.

I now want to make tons of recipes with this. Including pizza which I can't stop thinking about.

Me before promptly eating all of this. I'm so impressed how it turned out!!

Nutrition Information (with oil). Servings 4; Serving size 2/3 of a cup; Calories 125, Fiber 1.3 g, Fat 8.7 g, Protein 11.7 g, Carbohydrates 1.8

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