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What I Ate Today: Memorial Day Addition

As previously stated many times, I am super not perfect. But neither are you, I assume, so I'm glad we're here with all our imperfections together. Life is much better that way.

For the past two and a half months I've been on my quest to eat no processed foods (link to post here) and that's been honestly going very well. I did eat a veggie brat and a ton of Lays BBQ potato chips out of a family sized bag yesterday but it's honestly been going a 95% success rate.

So here's the issue: While I haven't been eating processed foods I have been eating enough for two people. Like almost every day for the past two weeks. And a lot of that is accompanied by too much alcohol. The weather gets nice and all of a sudden every day seems like vacation. Wine and apps outside? Sure! Brew at the zoo with food trucks? Hell yea! All of a sudden I realize I've had a slight headache for three days straight and my pants' button is laughing at me for trying to close it. Not that I measure success as a size of pants, but things could be better.

Today is Memorial Day. Where we ideally remember those who served in combat and less ideally look for massive sales on electronics while wearing American flags and drinking beers at BBQs. Also, take a moment and go google "Murica" you will not be disappointed. Let me know when you're back.

Happy to see you again. So with zero motivation to go eat more junk, which is super easy to get motivated to do. I'm spending my day doing some stuff to help find my homeostasis. That place where I feel like, "yea! I did some good stuff and learned some good things and have my shit together for the foreseeable future!" This includes but is not limited to:

- Shopping for and meal prepping for the week's lunches

- Eating good food

- Doing errands so my house has paper products and my cats have litter

- Reading more of my books

- I've been so in love with spiritual/psychology books in 2018

- Writing my students motivational notes for their big state tests tomorrow (they probably don't care as much as me... I was literally dreaming about it last night)

- Going for a nice walk

- Doing some light cleaning

Enter meal 1: Fruit Smoothie.

If you are like me of most days, a smoothie is not a meal. Recently however I discovered I really like smoothies at night. Today, I woke up really wanting one in the morning. Who am I to argue with a body craving good food.

Here's some tips for better smoothies: Forget ice and instead freeze all your fruit, and if you're adding ice to already frozen fruit, stop. It will be more calories for the same volume of smoothie, but it will be SO MUCH better. Also, if you use yogurt than IDK how to help you... I've never liked yogurt in my smoothies. But eat non-dairy yogurt.

Actual conversation I had yesterday with someone who loves to tease me about being vegan:

Them: You know those dairy cows would be in pain if they didn't get milked.

Me: You know that we made 'dairy' cows right? And that they're not great for the environment?

Them: Yea, I mean, they're terrible for the environment, more methane concentration that almost any other source. And yea, I mean we made them but now we have to keep milking them.

Me: So... you're telling me this is an unsolvable problem? We couldn't just pick a generation and not milk them past when their calfs wean?

Them: I mean yea, we could do that.

Me: ... oh, so there's a really easy solution to this problem?

Them: But... cheese

Ah, ok. Cheese.

Here is a pic of how much smoothie I got out of that batch. It was:

- 1 cup frozen cherries

- 1 cup frozen pineapple bits

- 1 cup frozen mango

- 2 cups fresh spinach

- 2 tsp liquid stevia

- 1 tsp spirulina powder

Calories 366, Fat 0.2 g, Fiber 10.9 g, Protein 5.7 g, Carbohydrates 85.1 g

Enter meal 1.5: Half a leftover serving of my creamy pea and tomato pasta.

So like a half hour after that whole smoothie was drank I had a huge hankering for something salty. So I ate half a serving of my pasta from yesterday. I said it wouldn't last! It's seriously good. And I don't ever reheat anything so it was cold.

I'm not lying when I said I licked the plate.

One last note about re-heating things. I don't own a microwave. Just a little fun fact. I've lived on my own for 9 years and zero of those years have I owned a microwave. I will use one at work but I like not having one at my house. My dad, in all his kindness, even put an old one in my car when I wasn't looking thinking he was doing me a favor and it's still sitting in my garage. I used to have a lot of feelings about the unnaturalness of it when I was macrobiotic in college, but now I just like that I feel more in touch with my food and I make most things from scratch anyway.

Meal 2: Southwest Salad

Oh man. This lunch guys. It's my food photo dream thus far. Like, damn.

It was super delicious sitting in my lap being eaten. The dressing is a buffalo taco seasoning creamy dressing and it was all *muah!* chef's kiss worthy fare.

That's a big ass mixing bowl for the record. It was a ton of food. Which is WHY I was so sure I was gonna kill it stopping at a BBQ where I knew there'd be booze and food. Prediction... I didn't do terrible but I did not do my flawless day I pictured.

Nutritional Info for one big ass salad: Calories 628, Fat 18.5 g, Fiber 25.6 g, Protein 24.2 g, Carbohydrates 95.2 g

Knowing I had lots of time in my afternoon I thought I'd head over to hang out with some friends for two hours or so and brought myself a big flavored carbonated water and a lot of optimism.

Welcome rum with (organic) pineapple juice. I had two of these babies, 3 corn tortilla chips and about 2 Tbs of guac and about 10 boozy gummy bears (questionably vegan). I'd cry about it but I learned two things. One: I can have food self restraint even if I was going for abstinence, which is always something good to prove to yourself. Two: Two drinks can be a lot! As someone who usually has a horrible stop button, stopping at two left me buzzed for way longer than I anticipated. I drank lots of water and certainly didn't drive unsafely, but even on my walk three hours later I was feeling a little something.

Nutritional Info: FML; It was about 450 for both drinks plus 190 for the snacks

I also proceeded to eat the other half of my pea and tomato pasta, reference above for a visual, for dinner. It was still super delicious. Duh.

Seeing as it is now 9:14 PM I think I'm done for the day but will certainly add an addendum if necessary.

In short, everyone does the best they can every day. My day today was not perfect but that's cool. Tomorrow we can wake up and try better together :)

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