• Becky Berberich

My Quest to Eat Entirely Unprocessed

Summer. It's coming. We all know it and usually it's the signal that we need to start hating our bodies enough to try and starve them into submission. Or hate ourselves for not being able to starve them into submission. Or some other form of "I just need to lose like ten to a million pounds to not look gross in my bathing suit." This year I decided that my quest has nothing to do with being skinny and everything to do with positive energy.

First, I'm not built to ever be magazine skinny. These cankles are fabulous and this midsection is thick. Second, that's not what I want out of my life. What I want out of my life is positivity, radiantly happy energy, as many good years as I can extract from this body, and enough people to share it with. So what can end with that goal? Continuing to give my body as nourishing, whole foods as I can.

(*here's some silly pictures of me to give you a better idea... also apparently I don't have a lot pics of myself full body on my phone. Sorry)

Do I eat shitty? No. Could I make less exceptions like 'oreos are vegan' or 'I didn't plan ahead so may I eat your whole loaf of white bread and hummus?' Yes.

What I was curious about is how hard/what it would feel like to go ENTIRELY unprocessed.

First, let's talk about processed. That word gets thrown around A LOT. Check pinterest. You'll soon be believing that all sorts of things that are processed are 'clean'... another word that basically means unprocessed but is thrown on everything to make you believe and buy/make/whatever it.

Processing is turning an original product into something else. Bread? Processed. Ain't no bread trees out there. Potatoes? Unprocessed. We dug those up. Obviously there are different levels. White rice had it's bran and germ removed (think outer shell) and so is slightly processed. An oreo is a hot mess express of chemicals, flavorings, sugars that have been though a million processes and dyes.

Small changes I've made:

- Not re-buying processed foods when they're done. I currently have no seitan or any other fake meat, chao cheese, frozen meals, chips of any kind, or non-sprouted breads in my house (Should I stop sprouted bread too? My mind says yes and my stomach says "come up with a good replacement dude.")

- Making chips from scratch. I LOVE dips. I love them like a fat kid loves cake. Or whatever they like to eat in excess. Turns out some corn, a little salt, and mild seasonings blended and put in my dehydrator 100% satisfy me

- Making all my own salad dressings. Not that I never did this, but nothing from bottles

- Having more smoothies at night instead of other, processed carbs. Also I recently learned I love smoothies at night. and wearing sunglasses. but mainly smoothies.

(*my nightly walk today was had with a frozen cherry/pinapple smoothie. *heart eye emoji*)

So far I have noticed the following:

- Decreased worry and increased confidence. I feel pretty really good about eating well and knowing that my body is using all of it, even when my calorie numbers are higher on certain days I still know I'm giving my body fuel it can use.

- Happier with my stomach fat levels. This one could 100% be in my head, but guess what? So is all of life. You live life in your head and if my stomach feels fabulous to me than it fucking is.

- My skiiiiiiin. It glows like someone paid me to advertise blush. I sincerely had someone the other day tell me how healthy I looked. Thanks! I am!

- Interest in trying new things with food. This might just be me because I'm obsessed with cooking but always worried I'm in a rut/trying not to over cook because I can waste so much food but I feel like I'm thinking in new ways that I haven't in a while when it comes to food combinations and preparations

Will this result in weight loss? Maybe. Maybe not. Will it help me feel even more in touch with what I'm eating? 100% I look forward as the summer goes on to see if a few moths of this will result in any slow changes.

I love being a vegan. It takes my massive amounts of positive energy and amplifies them. I love knowing what I'm eating is fuel for my body and easier for the earth. Regardless of your vegan status, positivity, kindness, and compassion (to yourself and others) makes [your] world a better place. I put your in brackets there because it really makes the world a better place.

And more than anything I want everyone to be their neighbor's keeper. We are all spinning on this planet together. Be kind. Be humble. Be curious. And never be afraid.

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