• Becky Berberich

Chocolate Peanut-butter Shoothie

No, I didn't misname this post. It's just a smoothie that's basically a milkshake. It's all the delicious and non of the non-nutritious. I have made this many many times, and as I wrote in my last smoothie post, it turns out I like smoothies more at night! So today on my (rainy) walk I decided to go more milkshake that light fruit.

I'm sure most of you by now have had the delight of experiencing powdered peanut butter. It's a GODSEND. Sometimes I seriously think that we've discovered all the foods and then I'm happily proven wrong. This stuff rocks! I used to exclusively use PB2 but then I found PB Fit. It's cheaper and more peanuty to me.

One of the secrets to making chocolate peanut butter more chocolate peanut butter-y? Coffee. It makes the chocolate notes louder, doesn't drown out the peanut taste, and does not taste like coffee at all (to me. I'm sure if you hate coffee you'll notice it).


2 1/2 - 3 frozen bananas

1-3 tsp liquid stevia

3 Tbs powdered peanut butter

2 Tbs cocoa powder

1 cup cold coffee

It's so good. If you want it thicker and more milkshake like, add less coffee. If you want it more like a frappucino, blend it thiner.

*excuse my dirty, well loved, venti reusable cup

Servings 1; Serving size about 20 oz. Calories 351; Fiber 11.7 g, Protein 12.7 g, Fat 4.2 g, Carbohydrates 80.9g

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