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PB&J Smoothie Heaven

Since my hiatus I knew I needed to just get some stuff out that I've been making and a huge one I've been doing is smoothies for dinner. It seems so counterintuitive to me... sweet is more for breakfast right? But I always harbored some weird guilt about NEVER wanting a smoothie for breakfast. Turns out I just needed to listen to my body because that fruit at night brings me life.

Today I decided we were making that smoothie a milkshake. I call anything banana based with peanut butter or chocolate a milkshake so forgive me if that's not the same as your idea. That being said, fruit = smoothie, peanut butter chocolate = milkshake.

So I get out my frozen bananas, dig into my pantry for my powdered peanut butter, reach for the cocoa and I'm literally out of cocoa powder. Why did past Becky think that 1 Tablespoon of cocoa was worth keeping in a whole jar and not just dumping into her last thing?? Would the smoothie have been too chocolaty? It was such a silly small amount.

My smoothie idea (reluctantly) changed to a fruit smoothie. It is a nice day out. The sun can mean fruit. I could deal. As I dumped my bananas into the blender and looked back into the fridge I saw some blueberries

so I dumped them in and then I had an idea: A PB&J smoothie! It's been done before but I've never tried it, so I made my own version and I'm not gonna lie... It was way better than I expected. Some of my omnivorous friends make some of my recipes and I dread they're going to be disappointed. This left nothing disappointed. I was super happy about it and will totally make it again. Without further adieu:


1 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

2 frozen very ripe bananas

3 Tbs powdered peanut butter of your choice

2 tsp stevia liquid

It's so simple (as are most things you dump in a blender) and is so much better than expected. That is a big ass mason jar and I drank the whole thing in like 10 minutes. It was somehow more satisfying that just a fruit smoothie by having the savory bite I didn't know I wanted to much today. Please enjoy!

Nutrition Information: Serving size whole smoothie; Calories 408; Fat 3 g, Protein 12.5 g, Fiber 24 g, Carbohydrates 169.5 (sooooo if you don't like carbs don't eat fruit *yikes for you but not for me*)

Bonus, for scale, picture of the (32?) oz mason jar I drank this out of after my shower. I'm not going to say my skin glows because I'm vegan, but I will say it doesn't hurt.

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