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Straight Up the Best Mock Chicken Salad

Let me start by saying that this post is not sponsored. Not that you can't figure that out based on the zero-ads that are on my blog or virtual inability to find it on google. Hey, I'm just figuring out how to write and slowly finding my way. That being said, if I was sponsor worthy I would literally advertise for this specific product from a this specific food maker for zero dollars. IDK what kind of devil you paid Helen, but he has gifted you with BY FAR the damn best mock chicken salad I have ever had.

"This looks like the one they sell in Whole Foods, I know this one." TRASH. You are thinking of trash. Ok, you're not... but you probably are thinking of a far inferior product that is a mock chicken salad I see in almost all whole food refrigerator cases with a light blue top. I just spent 5 minutes googling but apparently all combinations of "blue label/round container/whole foods/fake chicken salad/garbage" have not yielded what I was looking for. So the next time I'm in Whole Foods I'll snap a pic. Until then imagine something that's 50% mayo, 45% TVP pellets and 5% sadness.

I live on the east coast right near Annapolis MD and I can't even get Helen's in my local stores. This saint of a human is based outside Philadelphia and the furthest south I can find her wares are in the Whole Foods just next to the Delaware border on 202. So every time I go home to my parents I literally buy a minimum of 3 tubs.

Is this a 'whole plant based food'? Hell no. It is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best representation of chicken salad that is somehow meaty, chicken textured, not overly mayoed, tangy, and virtually perfect? 100%. I've taken pictures with the container of this for years just waiting to get a blog. You may think I'm kidding... I'm not. I pulled into the back of of the store like two years ago just to have a photo session with a tub. Do I have a problem? Probably. But my problem can become your dream.

I just am so in love. I bought three containers yesterday and I only have 1 1/2 left. It's a travesty. Each container is 340 calories so eating a whole one in a sitting is a very real possibility. It's amazing with mixed greens, in wraps, on avocado toast, straight from the container, licked off the floor. Literally anywhere with anything. Mix it with old bay and because of it's texture it can also taste like crab.

Cons) Not available enough places. Too good to eat slowly.

Pros) Perfect texture, versatile, not too expensive ($3-5 a tub), not overly heavy, light in calories, basically mana from heaven.

Recommendations: If you are anywhere near the Philadelphia area and either want a good vegan chicken salad or want to try and it and see if I'm right please please do, you will not be disappointed.

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