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Baileys Kinda Morning

So today is my last day of the world's most pathetic spring break. I'd be more sensitive but it was totally crap. I got off a Friday and a Monday. Do you want to know how much time that is? Enough to go on a hike, see a quick comedy show, spend less than 24 hours with my family for Easter and then spend all Monday working and doing errands. Fabulous.

So this morning on a walk up to the grocery store to get herbs (food photos operate on a strict "herbs make everything look so much more appealing" policy) I stopped in the liquor store next door to pick up my weekly 'we know this isn't great for us but we all make sacrificed' bottle of spirits. In an effort to get out of a rut and with the noble idea of 'maybe if we get wine or beer instead of vodka our pallets will be satiated with less' I decided to walk around and see what the fine people who operate outside the vodka section might be drinking. For the record, I started drinking vodka years ago because it's so few calories and can essentially be made to taste like anything you like.

As I perused I saw some delightful but insanely heavy beers, some in the new sour persuasion of which I can only have one because sour beer #2 feels like liquid heart burn, I found something I had mythically read about a year ago but had not run into for real until today, Almond Baileys:

First let it be noted that I almost never drank Baileys to begin with but in my mind this fantasy of creamy liquor that tastes like Irish cream and dreams I had to try it.

As you may or may not have noticed I am super picky about calories. Not necessarily that I beat myself up if I've had too many, but more than calories are worth something. That they came from whole plant foods and aren't pre-packaged trash. Not that I never eat pre-packaged trash, but the goal is ALWAYS to eat as little of it as possible.

That being said, this is totally calorie trash. Albeit delicious calorie trash. One oz of this stuff has about 70 calories, and no one uses 1 oz. If you had a large iced coffee and added 3 of 4 oz that adds up really quick!

I poured about 2 oz into my 10 oz of iced coffee to try it out and here are my thoughts:

Pros) If you like Baileys and miss it being a vegan or just want to try a non-dairy version this is just like it. It has a solid flavor, swirls like a dream in coffee, and will totally sub for the regular version.

Cons) Probably the same as regular Baileys in that if you don't want to waste the calories then this won't solve your problems. I also found I needed more of it that I thought to get the coffee as creamy as I'd like and ended up only drinking half the amount I made because I didn't want to pile in more just to have it taste less watery.

Recommendations: I think this would be great in mixed drinks that you've been missing since becoming vegan. I bet this mixed with any type of coffee vodka or liquor would be out of this world! It's a great treat and will completely satisfy your Baileys cravings other than being slightly thinner.

Final note: This bottle will probably last me until the end of the year so if you want a sample, hit me up... I'd be happy to share.

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