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Basic Egg Bake for Basic Ladies

I realized after making this for the 4th time in a row it might be worth posting the recipe. Much like the basic chickpea burger base I made last week that I could do a bunch of things with, this egg bake is such an easy breakfast and is customizable in tons of ways.

Do you like eggs? Do you like potatoes? Do you like adding whatever else you want? Done.

I wrote a few posts back about Follow Your Heart Egg Replacer and how it's the only thing I've found that can do true quiche and scrambled egg replacement. It's half the calories of a regular egg so using it to make breakfast bakes automatically slims it down. I'm usually super lazy and use a half a bag of TJ's shredded potatoes (they're in a bag in the freezer section and have zero added oil), but today I had an extra russet laying around so I decided to do a scalloped potato approach by slicing it real thin.

With my mandoline on super thin, I sliced one large russet potato into slices and made 3 vegan 'eggs' in my vitamix and layered as I went.

If you do the Trader Joe's shredded potatoes it's dump potatoes, eggs and whatever else you want, stir, and bake.

Basic Egg bake:

- 1 large russet potato sliced thin OR 2/3 package of Trader Joes shredded potato

- 3 Vegan 'eggs'

Nutritional info: 1/2 egg bake; Calories 225, Fiber 3.9 g, Fat 0.2 g, Protein 4.5 g; Carbohydrates 42.5 g

Add whatever you like to it and adjust calories as needed. I added a link of Field Roast's Sage and Apple sausage for my breakfast tomorrow and it makes Monday morning look a little better to be honest.

Happy eating!

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