• Becky Berberich

Sweet and Savory Tomato Butter Biscuits

This is a super quick, semi-homemade recipe for anyone who enjoys sweet and savory. I can't get enough of any flavor mishmashes.

A few weeks back I got a tomato butter from the local farmer's market simply and sincerely because I will try anything I've never had before.

It is sweet and has texture like an apple butter but with a small hint of tomato. I decided to do some weird food lab shit and mix it with spicy brown mustard an stuffed it in biscuits. It was good! Admittedly I probably could have made the biscuits a lot prettier but I was winging it. If I re-create them again I'll find a new place to stuff in the flavor. In addition I almost never buy things like biscuits but I just had a hankering for them. Sometimes a few unpronounceable ingredients aren't the worst. Usually they taste like trash, but I'm still into grand's biscuits.

I mixed about a table spoon of the tomato butter and a table spoon of spicy mustard. Then I rolled the biscuits out to about the size of my hands (*picture to the left) and put about 2 tsp into the center. Then I folded them over and crimped them close. Super unsuccessfully I might add.

The mustard/tomato butter mixture spilled out everywhere and was a hot mess. I then brushed them with a little melted vegan butter to make them shiny but it straight up made no difference.

What I ended up with were delicious, albeit oddly shaped, biscuits with a really great sweet/savory flavor in them. They would be made well with any jam or jelly instead of the tomato butter but since I had it I went with it. If you try a combination you really like leave a comment!

They made my whole kitchen smell amazing, and because they have their 'topping inside' I don't need to worry about adding anything to the biscuit after. Though I bet they'd be great with some gravy.

Made with: Grands Jr biscuits (get the variety without milk!), tomato butter, spicy brown mustard, earth balance butter

Nutrition facts: 1 biscuit; 148 Calories, Fiber 0 g; Fat 6.2 g; Protein 2 g; Carbohydrates 19 g


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