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Mushroom Pot Pie Soup

In keeping with my current trend of all things soupy and tan I got a hankering for chicken pot pie. I mulled over using crescent rolls for the top, or an actual pie crust for a shell but it's 90 days till I have to be in a swim suit and while I don't care THAT much, I have to make concessions where I can. Bye bye pie crust *holds up three finger salute like Katniss saying good bye to Rue* :::::whispers::::: I'll see you after happy hour next summer

In lieu of chicken, I made the base of this the way I start my mushroom gravy. With butt tuns of mushrooms sautéing until they have yielded their brown water (sounds gross) that is packed with the portobello flavor.

Admittedly I made these chunks huge #regrets. I wish I would have cut those mushrooms into slices, not halves/quarters.

This soup turned out quite good and very light in calories (a huge serving is 358 calories). It filled me up easily from lunch to late dinner and through a workout. Without further adieu:


- 3 packages cremini mushrooms (12 oz each? 10 oz each? The standard sized ones in the store)

- 1 large white onion

- 2 carrots

- 4 celery ribs

- 1 cup corn kernals

- 10 oz peas (about a cup and a half)

- 12 oz Yukon gold potatoes

- 1/2 cup whole wheat flour

- 1/3 cup raw slivered almonds

- 1 Tsp garlic

- 1 tsp pepper

- 2 tsp salt

- 2 tsp Italian seasoning

- 1 Tsp better than bullion vegetable base (or two veggie bullion cubes)


Step 1: Heat soup pot to medium while dicing onion and mushrooms. When pan is warmed dump in onion and mushroom stirring regularly (I put the mushrooms in while I was dicing the onion)

Step 2: While mushrooms/onions are sautéing dice celery and carrots (or just be me and get the mirepoix mix at Trader Joes because ain't nobody got time to dice that shit)

Step 3: When mushrooms and onions are swimming in their own water, dump garlic, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning onto them and stir till mixed. Once all stirred up, sprinkle whole wheat flour a little at a time until most of the liquid is absorbed and you now have veggies in a creamy sauce

Step 4: Stir in bullion base, 5 cups of water, corn, peas, carrots, celery, and potatoes. Bring to light boil

Step 5: While potatoes are cooking and soup is simmering, blend almonds and 1 cup water in blender until fully blended, about two minutes or so. This helps to add the real creamy finish to the soup. Stir into soup after blended, make sure potatoes are cooked (takes about 15 minutes) and you're done!

Like I mentioned up top, this is delicious and super light on the calories for how much you can eat (over 3 cups). Perfect of bathing suit pre-season and just eating damn good food.

Nutritional Information: Servings 4; serving size 3 heaping cups; Calories 358, Fat 3.1 g; Fiber 10.7 g; Protein 12.1 g; Carbohydrates 59.1 g


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