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Budget Food Haul 2

I'm just gonna throw this out there but if Trader Joe's wants to sponsor me, I would 100% let their ads be anywhere on my site. If the just had the bulk food section of a whole foods I would sincerely never shop anywhere else.

This week's haul was a bit smaller coming in at a total of $34.60. Also, I had used some of the soy sauce when I took this picture. They didn't sell me one with a quarter cup missing. I know I wrote on my last post about food shipping that I have to have some kind of game plan, and I did this time too. Again, endless roving for food could paralyze me if I don't have a plan. Here's my food shop items and the plan for them:

- Cauliflower

- Baby Carrots

- Coconut milk

- Sweet onion

- Soy sauce

- Avocados

- Artichoke hearts

- Chopped spinach

- Riced broccoli

- Spring mix

- 2 Kombuchas (there's no plan for these other than to drink them and look down my nose at other people)

I have a love hate relationship with curries where I either want them all the time for every meal, or I want anything else that isn't curry for weeks. Yesterday I remembered I had bought some Massaman curry paste awhile ago and boom. Back in the mood for currry.

My plans for this grocery haul are:

- Massaman curry (recipe to follow)

- Caesar salad with the spring mix

- Zucchini noodles with a TBD sauce

I also used the soy sauce to make two more batches of that General Tso's sauce to finish up the seitan I made and I cannot emphasize enough how damn good that turned out. SO WORTH trying and learning about some new ingredients you might not have known about before. Happy eating!

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