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Budget Food Haul

Being a vegan is so expensive! I can't do it on a tight budget. Yes you can excuse-pants (wicked dig, I know). I am always, I repeat always, on a tight budget and while I would happily spend hundreds of dollars a week on food, I usually try to stay between $50-75. On weeks where I look around and realize that I've rebought staples for no reason I can spend $40 or so just on some extra things to use up all the beans, root veggies, and coconut milks I accidentally doubled up on.

This week I did all my shopping at Trader Joe's. I LOVE Trader Joe's. Not only for their fairly reasonable prices, for the Hawaiian shirts, interesting always expanding selections, but their employees who range from kind older people with part time jobs to really hot guys who might need to grow up a little but are super fun to look at. But also the food.

This is the contents of my horribly displayed bag:

- Spinach (organic)

- Kale (organic)

- Sprouted bread (TJ brand of Ezekiel bread)

- Dijon mustard

- Three packs of sliced baby portobello mushrooms

- Green pepper

- Yellow pepper

- Two big onions

- Capers

- 7 roma tomatos

- Bag o' lemons

- Big cauliflower (organic)

- Bag of 4 avocados

- Bag of raw cashews

- 3 pack of zucchini (organic)

- (1 large, unpictured, avocado because the ones in the bag won't be ripe for breakfast tomorrow and that doesn't fly in Becky's world)

Grand total... $48.20

I try to do some meal prepping/brainstorming before I go so that I have a list and don't blindly shop but it's SO HARD. Imagine the women from Sex and the City seeing a hot guy and putting on a flirtatious face.

That's the way I look at food. Today I gently held up a pint of minestrone soup and explained to it that it was beautiful but I just couldn't justify bringing it home... "I can make you," I whispered, "but someone is going to come and love you. They'll never appreciate you as much as I would, but you won't go out in this world cold and alone." (it was in the refrigerator section).

So with my groceries of the day this is my weekly meal plan:

- "Steak" sandwiches

- Roman Farro

- Buffalo Cauliflower

- Caesar Salads

This will be my lunch/dinners for most of the week except trivia Wednesday where my dinner is exclusively a mountain of fries and a few drinks #mentalhealthwednesdays

As I go through I will post the recipes for the meals I made with my groceries to give you an idea of some easy meal prep if you want to steal my grocery list! There will be some additional ingredients that I have laying around that will go into the dishes, so make sure you check ahead to see if there is anything you might be missing before shopping.

Happy, healthy, budget veganning!

#Groceryshopping #budget

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