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Tales of winter soups

As winter continues, so does my love of soup. I made my thick as fog split pea soup for the fourth time tonight, adding a russet potato in big chunks that needed a happy home. Solid add in. While I love inventing my own soups from flavors and textures that I think would be delicious together, I also love other people's soups when I need some new ideas. Below are the top three soups I have made and LOVED so far this cold winter season.

Golden French Lentil Soup from Veggie Don't Bite

This soup has a suburb creamy flavor with fantastic warming spices and sneaks in TONS of veggies. At around 375 calories for about two cups it's delicious and won't totally break the calorie bank.

African Peanut Stew from Budget Bytes

I had been wanting to try a peanut stew for quite a while when I ran across this one from Budget Bytes. This was the first recipe I made from Budget Bytes and it was quite good! As is, the recipe is about 350 calories for a two cup serving, which is not terrible. I added almost three times as much greens as they called for and it was not overwhelming at all. In the future I would use half real peanut butter and half PB2 to cut some of the calories out. The peanut flavor wasn't overwhelming so I doubt the more subtle flavor of the PB2 would change much.

The savory take on peanut butter coupled with the cozy feel of sweet potatoes was definitely a winner!

Creamy Spiced Cauliflower Soup from Produce on Parade

You want a new take on cauliflower soup? Check this one out. I made it for my parents on Christmas Eve and they both loved it! Even my dad who, God love him, is not naturally the most adventurous eater.

Like most of my recipes, I omit oil and use low-fat coconut milk. Given those modifications this knocks out at about 300 calories for two cups. It is not terribly filling because it doesn't have much to chew, but BOY could I walk around with this in a thermos and drink it on a beautiful cold winter walk.

All hail other vegan chefs for giving me new ideas and brining their positive creative energy to the community. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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