• Becky Berberich

And then I had 4 snow days...

Sometimes we want to do things for a long, long time, and instead of doing them we claim we're too busy, we play on our phone, binge watch the next TV show everyone's been talking about, or any of the other things that could easily fill all of our fluff time.

In my case, I've now spent two years thinking, "I want to talk about cooking, and the environment, and health and compassion, and God damn it, I want to figure out how to make veganism cool!" I'm an educated, science minded person, I've done my research. I believe I am helping the planet, my body, and creating a more compassionate space to live within [insert here hundreds of hours of reading, listening, and researching]. What I am not, is a pusher. Do you want to know the best way to have no one ever listen to you? Talk, talk, cut them off, talk more about how you're right, and then never actually listen to them. It's 100% effective I promise. Somewhere along the line, veganism got put into a box that all vegans were pushers. That we want everyone to be vegan and anyone who eats meat is horrible. To be honest, I do want everyone to be vegan. Mainly to help the earth, end animal suffering (because let's be real, those factory chickens you ate yesterday were not living a loving life), gear the medical community toward preventative care, and selfishly, because it will make SO MANY MORE delicious restaurants and food options when we're all in it together. That being said, each of us only gets one life and I can only live mine.

Recently, I had a number of people come to me and say things like, "Can you give me your grocery list? I want to eat better in the new year," or, "Ugh, the holidays... so much crap. I guess you don't eat that much crap. What do you eat instead of [insert animal food here]?," or "So I've been doing some research and I thinking I need to eat less meat." I listened and nodded and thought ***yessss... this is like getting to be a pusher but they're actually interested and listening and I didn't push it!***

So here I am, early in January 2018, still stuck thinking, "Ughhhhh, I want to share things and I don't know how!! Should I make recipes to give to people? Doesn't pintrest have a billion of those? Is there anything new to say? How do you internet? You know, other than going down mindless buzzfeed and youtube spirals." Cue God, the universe and everything who decided to give us a snow day two days after winter break (I'm a math teacher, and rarely complain about a snow day). I walllllowed in that snow day. I cleaned my whole house, I started a book, I drank wine, but I did not do the burning thing in the back of my mind. So God, the universe and everything gave me a second snow day (sweet!), and then a weekend, and then a third snow day, and now, on my fourth snow day and sixth day off in a row, I understand why people hate teachers, and more importantly I think I got the message, "Shut up and try the thing. Like really try it." So here we are, at the veginning.


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